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Valorization technology for your Food &Organic waste (O&A)

Our solution allows you to valorize your food and organic waste on site and reduce your costs related to their collection.

High technology

Controlled micro-organic digestion from our 100% French microbiology consortia including a sterilization process in a few hours.

100% French manufacturing

Valorization at source


Accelerated digestion


No unpleasant smell

Reduce by 90%

Public or private establishments

Control the cost of valorizate your waste, reduce their weight and volume by 90%

O&A: Food & Organic

Digests your leftover meals, kitchen waste etc.

Reduces the initial amount of food and organic waste by 90%.


Weight reduction


Volume reduction

Communities: Cafeteria, Self, school canteen, company restaurant, collective catering

Restaurants: traditional catering, themed restaurant, pizzeria, fast food

Food shops: grocery stores, fishmongers, supermarkets

Meets the thresholds defined by Grenelle II for the environment

Articles L.541-21-1 of the Environment Code, amended by LAW No. 2015-992 of August 17, 2015

2 ranges according to your needs and your budget:

Wastie O&A

  • 10h valorization cycle
  • Capacity from 50 kg to 10 tons depending on model
  • Structure 100% 304L stainless steel
  • Touch pad controls
  • Control probes
  • Network connection
  • Automatic residue extraction

Geade O&A

  • 24h valorization cycle
  • Capacity from 20 to 200kg depending on model
  • Steel frame
  • Tank temperature display
  • Temperature sensor

Analysis of outgoing flows

carried out by accredited independent laboratories and the outgoing residues are free from pathogenic risks.